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US-2017337056-A1: Method and computer program stored in computer-readable medium for converting sort script to reuse jcl in different encoding environment patent, US-2015112781-A1: Method and System for Processing of a Real-Time Rebate at Transaction Authorization patent, US-2015130320-A1: Stator of electric motor provided with coil fastening part, electric motor, and fastening method of unit coil patent, US-2015131241-A1: Watertight sealing apparatus and method for electronic enclosure patent, US-2015177840-A1: Apparatus and associated methods for user input patent, US-2015227157-A1: Precision current sensing patent, US-2015254232-A1: Natural language processing with dynamic pipelines patent, US-2015265490-A1: Walker comprising mechanism for assisting a user in standing and sitting operations patent, US-2015274844-A1: Heterodimer binding proteins and uses thereof patent, US-2015290473-A1: Radiotherapy system patent, US-2015314886-A1: Leverage activated aircraft tow bar patent, US-2015360294-A1: Apparatus for feeding bars to a machine tool patent, US-2015362913-A1: Printing method and storage device for 3d printer patent, US-2015363574-A1: Emergency medical service system, emergency response apparatus, and emergency medical information providing apparatus patent, US-2015367257-A1: Micro-channel fluid filters and methods of use patent, US-2015373959-A1: Hovering fishing lure assembly patent, US-2016083669-A1: Fuel-efficient engine oil composition patent, US-2016112319-A1: Hash-based Address Matching patent, US-2016144416-A1: Device for forming metals patent, US-2016176694-A1: System and method for beverage dispenser alert patent, US-2016252876-A1: Sliding member, sliding device including sliding member, and electrophotographic image forming apparatus including sliding device patent, US-2016334839-A1: Electronic device patent, US-2017059254-A1: Vapor chamber patent, US-2017142555-A1: Providing location information of a terminal in a communication network patent, US-2017177780-A1: Automating system on a chip customized design integration, specification, and verification through a single, integrated service patent, US-2018025199-A1: Non-finger object rejection for fingerprint sensors patent, US-2015177079-A1: Sensors having a deformable membrane patent, US-2015259410-A1: Low acidic species compositions and methods for producing and using the same patent, US-2015278059-A1: System and method for supporting a sliding window for testing an event processing system patent, US-2015286910-A1: Printing device and control method for printing device patent, US-2015297185-A1: Hand-held medical imaging system with thumb controller and associated systems and methods patent, US-2015355705-A1: Forcing A Processor Into A Low Power State patent, US-2015366285-A1: Independent Harness System For A Soft Boot patent, US-2015373872-A1: Passive Cooling Features For Electronics Equipment Cabinets patent, US-2015377304-A1: Clutch assembly cover, method of making same, and optional heat management patent, US-2016014657-A1: Handover management in air-to-ground wireless communication patent, US-2016019751-A1: Gambling hybrid gaming system with variable characteristic feedback loop patent, US-2016039623-A1: A dust suppression system for loading ship holds patent, US-2016054333-A1: Method for detecting asyn-specific antibodies in a biological sample patent, US-2016187372-A1: Accelerometer with little cross effect patent, US-2016237480-A1: Real Time Cleavage Assay patent, US-2017064587-A1: Cell handover method, base station and system patent, US-2017149331-A1: Charge Pump Suitable for Low Input Voltages patent, US-2017187324-A1: Mounting system for photovoltaic modules patent, US-2015168058-A1: Apparatus for producing liquid nitrogen patent, US-2015190234-A1: Midlay compartmental tibial component patent, US-2015240034-A1: Method for forming nanoscale microstructure patent, US-2015241004-A1: Lighting Device patent, US-2015300910-A1: Device and method for testing rigidity and non-linear relationship of coupling interface for cylindrical fitting patent, US-2015303807-A1: Switching Regulator Circuit Allowing a Lower Input Voltage patent, US-2015354274-A1: Electric curtain with hiding mechanism patent, US-2016098599-A1: Microform Word Search Method and Apparatus patent, US-2016195926-A1: Information processing apparatus and information processing method patent, US-2016302867-A1: Microwave antenna patent, US-2017194780-A1: Cable Organizer and Protector patent, US-2015134619-A1: Digital data retention management patent, US-2015217336-A1: Method for cleaning and/or descaling a slab or a preliminary strip by means of a descaling device, and descaling device patent, US-2015289679-A1: Forward advancing cutlery dispenser patent, US-2015309980-A1: A framework for enabling user-defined functions patent, US-2016229024-A1: Resin-bonded grinding disk patent, US-2016287024-A1: Food and Beverage Tray patent, US-2017083077-A1: Power management for heterogeneous computing systems patent, US-2015169610-A1: System and method for supporting elastic data metadata compression in a distributed data grid patent, US-2015182007-A1: Beach/pool bag and backpack with hidden compartment patent, US-2015213915-A1: Graphene for semiconductor co-doping boron and nitrogen at the same time and preparation method thereof patent, US-2015235075-A1: Preventing display clearing patent, US-2015239330-A1: Cover assembly for a directional drilling machine patent, US-2015271296-A1: Enterprise Application Store for an Orchestration Framework for Connected Devices patent, US-2016003911-A1: Battery cell characteristic identification patent, US-2016006485-A1: Contactless Coupler patent, US-2016075642-A1: Urea synthesis method patent, US-2016092517-A1: Data processing method and data processing apparatus patent, US-2016098311-A1: Device driver error isolation on devices wired via fsi chained interface patent, US-2016356529-A1: Temperature control unit, especially vehicle temperature control unit patent, US-2017077287-A1: Method of Forming FinFET patent, US-2017166448-A1: System and Method for Containing an Emission of Sulfur Trioxide patent, US-2015192400-A1: Handheld Measuring Device patent, US-2015196350-A1: Electrosurgical devices having enhanced effectiveness and methods of making and using same patent, US-2015277606-A1: Touch unit and touch display apparatus patent, US-2015339328-A1: Global Information Management System and Method patent, US-2016147069-A1: Display apparatus patent, US-2016158024-A1: Interbody Fusion Implant and Related Methods patent, US-2017086946-A1: Orthodontic bracket with controlled adhesive flow patent, US-2015160894-A1: Information processing apparatus, recording medium, and control method patent, US-2015323226-A1: Heat pump apparatus patent, US-2015330332-A1: Sorbent-based low pressure gaseous fuel delivery system patent, US-2016135580-A1: Head for an oral care implement patent, US-2016139940-A1: Systems and methods for creating virtual machine patent, US-2016215810-A1: Anchor fastener patent, US-2015125112-A1: Optical switch fabric for data center interconnections patent, US-2015235636-A1: Bag For Insertion Into A Cavity Of A Silencer, Which Cavity Is Intended For Sound Damping patent, US-2015237982-A1: Hair Styling Device and Method of Use patent, US-2015288702-A1: Systems and methods for providing information-technology assets in an open environment patent, US-2016072775-A1: System and method for key exchange based on authentication information patent, US-2016207120-A1: Drill and method for manufacturing cut product using same patent, US-2017176691-A1: Field Changeable Fiber Optic Connector Polarity Keying with Color Coding patent, US-2015174590-A1: Centrifuge patent, US-2015353087-A1: Vehicle control apparatus and vehicle control program patent, US-2016010739-A1: Toothing of a gearwheel patent, US-2016294663-A1: Extensible analytics and recommendation engine for network traffic 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